New year, new era


As many of you might now, we used to have a very active blog a couple of years ago at where, let’s be honest, we ended up reviewing anything but Warhammer 40k. It happened after 5th Edition came out, when 3 Colours moved out of Oz, that the team kinda lost interest and moved to other formats.

But recently, just after 8th Edition came out, we all got sucked in the hobby again. Some of us with our old armies (Spicerack and CrAzY), new ones (myself) or a bit of both (3 Colours). TommyH is still somewhere around and we got a new recruit (Helix).

Our current armies go as follow:

  • Spicerack – Astra Millitarum (around 8k points….insane…)
  • CrAzY – Drukhari
  • Helix – Blood Angels
  • 3 Colours – Craftworlds, Orks and Necrons (big armies, all painted…f*ng legend)
  • Ruby – Death Guard and Tyranids.

So we decided to revamp the blog with a new design, cleaner and better than the previous one. With more sections that might encourage people to collaborate and just trying to do what we like the best: painting and gaming. In response to that, I ask the boys what our New Year’s resolutions were, and it’s amazing how much our life has change in just 3-4 years. Most of us are married, some with kids….and it’s surprising to see that the NY resolution were quite similar!

  • Spicerack – “To have less fat” he’s gonna participate in 2 Triathlons this year!! “To repaint my army since I don’t need anything new” That’s around 8k points of Astra Millitarum to paint…good luck with that!
  • CrAzY – “To be less fat” says the walking stick… “And to paint all my Dark Eldar in my new colour theme” which he is almost done, and they look great.
  • Helix – “To get fitter and improve my painting skills” not sure about fitness but his painting skills are definitely improving already
  • 3 Colours – “Complain less about not having a codex for Necrons and FW Squigoths” or at least, that’s what I hope for…
  • Ruby – “To lose a lot of weight and stop buying stuff before I finish painting what I have” I’m sticking to that rule. No more buying before painting all my Tyranids.

But overall, we are all excited to run more games. We have an ongoing Custom made up campaign that we will be posting here (meanwhile, you can see the first chapter of it in the Stories section). CrAzY and Spicerack are playing a 2000 point tournament this weekend and hopefully I will get to squeeze a game against Helix some time next week. In the mean time, I’m gonna keep trying to improve and add content here, so hopefully we can get 40K WarZone to its old day’s glory.

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