WarZone Scenario. Chapter 1 – The walking dead

PoswalkersHere at 40k WarZone we like to play random games every once in a while. We think about different scenarios that could lead to a cool narrative and make up a game with custom rules and rewards, similar to a RPG style.

Below is a step-by-step guide to playing this scenario.

This particular scenario had its story already written here, and reading it before hand will give more life to your game. This said, you are more than welcome to create your own heroes from the rules here so you can create your own story. In this scenarios, heroes get rewards or penalties that carry onto the next game, depending on whether they complete their objectives and survive or not.

What would you need?

You will need models or units (easy if you had the Dark Imperium case like Helix and I did):

  • 1 Space Marine Lieutenant (or any other character that you would like to play like Chaplain, Librarian…)
  • 4 Primaris Space Marines without any special weapons (specially no flamers….)
  • 10-20 Poxwalkers
  • 1 Ork Warboss
  • 2-5 Ork Boyz


Deployment: The rules are very simple and straight forward. One team consists of the Space Marines, and the other one uses the Poxwalkers and Orks. You can play on a small table (4×4) or use 4 GW tiles. Deploy the Space Marines in a corner with the main objective in the opposite corner. Your opponent doesn’t deploy anything at all.

Objective: your main mission (as a Space Marine) is to reach the objective. Your opponent’s mission is to stop that from happening. The game goes until either the Space Marines are wiped out or reach the objective.

Special rules:

  • Poxwalkers will appear on your opponents first turn. To know how many, you must roll a D3 to see how many units of 5 Poxwalkers appear. To deploy them you need an old “scatter” dice to see where they appear in conjunction to your marine captain (If you don’t have a scatter dice just deploy them anywhere you want 9″ away from the Space Marines). The walkers will “arrive” as individual units, so make sure to setup each unit completely before rolling again for however many were generated from your D3.
  • Poxwalkers can’t charge or move in the turn that they come in.
  • The Orks will appear around the objective as soon as the Space Marines are within 9″ of it. To represent damage suffered from previous fighting around the objective, the Warboss will only have 3 wounds left.
  • The objective can’t be claimed until the Warboss is killed.


If the Space Marines Hero survives and reaches the objective, he will get a bonus to choose for the rest of the campaign: +2″ movement, +1 attack, Tactical Leader ability: once per game he can order a unit within 6″ to shoot all its weapons twice in the shooting phase, or Warcry ability: any friendly unit fighting in close combat against the same enemy that your hero is can add +1 to their attacks value in the combat phase.

We hope that you guys enjoy it and hopefully it will give you ideas to create your own games and narratives. Let us know in the comments any ideas that you might have!

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