The Swarmlord


The Swarmlord is one of the fiercest creatures in the Warhammer universe as the ultimate Commander of theTyranid Hive Fleet.  In this post we will review and rate this unit from our point of view (you’re welcome to give us your opinions too!)


The model itself looks pretty dope. 4 arms with Bone sabres or different options to make him a Hive Tyrant with lots of different weapons give you a lot of versatility, although if you want to build him as a “pure” Swarmlord model your options are reduced to the minimun. It’s a really cool model, but Tyranids have better models than him.

Rating 8/10


As the main commander, he’s one of the most expensive units in the Tyranids Codex, but played properly, he’s worth it. He has a rule that, in the shooting phase, can boost a Tyranid unit within 6″ to move and advance. That would help you move across the table a big bug that you want to engage, like a Haruspex, some troops to put extra preassure or even himself, moving 18″ in turn one leaving you at, potentially, charging distance. If you use this rule with a unit of Genestealers, they can move 16″+2d6 and charge. A unit of 20 Genestealers with 4 attacks each moving so fast in one turn is definitely scary.

He’s also a Psyker and can manifest 2 powers and deny twice per turn.

He has a nice 4++ and 3++ in combat, with a high T that makes him quite resilient, specially with a Hive Guard escorting him. If he engages in combat he’s a beast that goes through anything with attacks that cause 3 damage each plus a mortal wound on a 6+ to wound roll. That’s amazing considering that most of the time he will hit on 2s and wound on 3s or 2s with his high S.

To top up, he has 18″ range for his Synapse ability to help keeping your army in order. Overall is a great leader but a bit too expensive points wise.

Rating 9/10


People always approach units in two different ways: competitive gaming and fun gaming. I’m not a competitive player that aims for meta lists and I play more for fun than anything, so I review from that point of view.

The Swarmlord gives you heaps of possibilities to play around him and use him as a main unit in your army, or boost your units around. It will help a lot to put preassure in your opponent, moving forward at light speed to engage in combat ASAP and making your opponent panic on what to focus his fire on first: a Swarmlord that can wreck you, a Trygon that just deep striked behind you or a huge unit of Genestealers?

I personally love playing him, but for what I’ve heard, a Hive Tyrant with wings is better, competitively talking. But to me, the extra movement in the shooting phase rule make him worth it to play since it opens up heaps of strategies for your army.


– One of the best close combat units

– Excellent against elite units or anything with more than a wound

– Great speed booster for your army


– Weak against swarm armies

– Can be targeted unless played with Hive Guards

– His warlord trait is not useless, but not the best either.

Rating 10/10

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