Is 8th Edition the best so far?


Some people love it. Some people hate it. I’m part of the first group but there’s always room for improvement. I took a break from Warhammer 40k just after 6th edition came out, and took it back a few months ago after 8th did, and I wanted to share some of my thoughts with you to see what you think.


The way the eliminated the Hull points and gave Wounds to vehicles is brilliant. No more need of remembering the “Penetrating hit” table and no more Land Raiders blown up with one lucky shot (I particularly hated that since I always played 3 Colours with his Fire Prism and would blow my vehicles in one shot). Vehicles can be destroyed by anything now, but seems more balanced since, even though you can destroy them with Hormagaunts for example, it would take heaps of 6+ to do so.

That being said, some armies like Astra Militarum, in my opinion, have access to extremely cheap vehicles, considering how hard can be to destroy them now. I like the way the stats go down depending on how much damage the vehicle or monster has taken, and makes it more realistic. Overall, thumbs up for this change.


That hitting on 6+ was a terrible idea from the beginning. A simple -1 to hit would’ve been enough to make it more realistic. Eliminating the way flyers move was a bonus as well. Overall, they improved Flyers making them less OP with easier rules to follow.

Detachments and Command Points

I think the new organization charts are much better. They let you organize your army however you want pretty much, rewarding you for creating a list with some variety.

I’m not 100% sure about the use of Command Points for certain things like re rolling saves, but it helps keeping you in the game at critical moments where an unlucky roll could go terribly bad. I love the stratagems system and I believe it’s a great adittion to the game and it’s strategy  factor.

Deep Strike

That is the change that I’m the happiest about. I’ve lost units of 10 terminators deep striking on previous editions on 1250 or 1500 point games, or they wouldn’t come to the table until turn 4 or 5, leaving me without a third of my army. The fact that a unir of experienced terminators would die because they landed on top of an enemy unit was just unthinkable to me.

In this edition they improved that perfectly, letting you deep strike at a risky distance to charge, but possible. I couldn’t be happier about this change!

Leadership and fall back

The changes on the leadership tests were improved by a lot BUT I particularly don’t like the way a unit engaged in combat can fall back without any other consequence that just being unable to shoot or assault that turn. I mean, it’s a good strategy, but I would’ve done it in a way that you could only disengage AFTER your shooting phase, and not in the movement phase. That way you still avoid your opponent in combat, without punishing him after engaging with merciless shooting.


It might be just a feel, but games seem to flow faster than in the past. In my opinion they’re more enjoyable without so many rules to worry about. And the pace is faster as well. It’s easier to engage in combat and enjoy close combat fights, although some armies have devastating firepower that can really make a dent in turn 1. If you go to the meta lists, opinion around is that is easier to Alpha in this edition, but if you play for fun like me, I think this edition is perfect for fast pace games and introducing it to new players.

So, let us know. Do you love this edition? Hated it? Think is balanced and fun to play compared to the previous ones? Share your thoughts with us!!

3 thoughts on “Is 8th Edition the best so far?

    • I never had a chance to played that edition since it was released during my break. I wish I had to be able and compare. Sounds pretty good to me.


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