A few things I want in the Dark Eldar Codex

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Playing Dark Eldar in 8th edition is far more enjoyable than 5th, 6th, or 7th. Any DE player who has been around for a few years will tell you that it was both immensely rewarding, but painful, to play Commorragh’s finest in previous editions. Remember the old Vehicle system? Nope! I try not to, because 8th has brought DE back….big. Here are some things I want to see in the inevitable codex release.

Disclaimer: I’ve had about twelve games with them, so by no means a seasoned 8th edition Archon.

Some things I want to see in the new Dark Eldar Codex:

  • Night Fight: I would like to see a stratagem that gives me the option for a first-turn night fight. This would be during the first turn, shooting at unit’s beyond 12″ incur an additional -1 to hit. Perhaps 2CP would be balanced? Obviously Dark Eldar would be exempt…
  • Archon’s make you seize on a 5+. There is some precedent here with the old rules for Vect improving your seize, or Baron allowing you to re-roll it.
  • A drop in points for Reavers. This unit is in a really difficult position in the world of balance because of Combat Drugs. At 30 points, they are currently draining so much out of the list it’s not worthwhile taking them. Drop them by 10?…nope, as you then have cheap Space Marine bikers with Power From Pain and toughness 5 (there really is no other choice than the toughness one). I think a reasonable points cost would be around 24 points per model. OR, add a rule that gives them -1 to hit if they advance or move over a certain distance.
    • Sub-request. Some insanity replaced their blade-vane strafing rule with a horrific interpretation of using them in combat as weapons. As our TV advertisements go in Australia, why not have both! No real reason why not? Fly over unit, roll a dice for each one, for each 6 the enemy unit takes a mortal wound.
  • Flicker Fields army-wide……….but with a catch. You want your -1 to hit? You have to move at minimum 12″. This means that damaged vehicles lose the ability.
  • Deep-strike skimmers. If Eldar got it…….Dark Eldar must be able to as well? If not more so. I’d put money on this being in there.
  • Splinter-racks. This is seriously a must for Raiders. Currently, as they are priced there is literally nothing enticing you to take a Raider over a Venom in most cases (except maybe to delivery a team of Incubi). Very easy to fix though by adding it in as a 10 point upgrade. Re-roll 1’s to hit with splinter weapons.
    • Sub-note. This may just become an actual Kabal trait. Similar to Biel-Tan: Swordwind and Shuriken weapons.
  • Husk Blades need to be buffed in some capacity. Right now you would be insane to take one above a more consistent AND cheaper Agoniser. The Str as user is fine for balance, but I’d like to see the damage go to a straight up 3, rather than D3. High risk high reward.

Open to discussion on the above. Obviously there we could go on for days about aspects of the codex that need to happen, but the above would be my main points.



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