New Codex released coming soon

GW has officially announced that the next 3 Codexes will be Drukhari, Tau Empire and Necrons, most likely in that order.

I’m quite excited about it but Crazy is over the moon. New rules, stratagem and potentially, models.

What are you guys looking for? Space Wolves and Orks are on my list.

One thought on “New Codex released coming soon

  1. […] GW has just announced that Necrons are due for a new codex and boy am I excited to see what they are going to do to fix the army.  Rumours are they are going to overhaul the army to try and fix some of the issues I mentioned above.  I sympathise with the designer tasked with this overhaul as I think Necrons (along with Tau and Dark Eldar) are very tricky to buff traits without breaking the balance of the codex.  I would like to see simple things like purchasable upgrades for wraiths to add more hitting power to them, tomb blades being fairly costed so they actually see play, way more anti tank options (8th ed is full of vehicles and frankly 1 shot AT weapons are not worth it), something to address Reanimation Protocols short comings and how they can fix that without breaking the fluff again. […]


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