Some thoughts on DE traits

So, recently we got the news that Dark Eldar are going to be next in the line-up to receive a codex. What great news!

Just to get this out of the way, YES I am bitterly disappointed that Vect is semi-confirmed not to be in the codex. We all want him back, and to be honest…..this would have been the prime time given the <Kabal>, <Cult>, and <Coven> keywords. Vect could have had a special overlord rule that made him be able to take and use all keywords within the same detachment. However, as pointed out by Death1942 in yesterday’s game, just because he isn’t in the codex doesn’t mean he won’t make a comeback. Who is to say that he won’t be on a dias of destruction as a lord of war choice? Who is to say he may not get his own mini-codex, similar to Thousand Sons….?

Alright, now that we have this over with, let’s focus on what is really going to make this codex special, the traits. I really see the problem with building traits for the codex to be based on the number of options. This isn’t like Craftworld Eldar, where you choose one faction and start building….Dark Eldar are boxed into certain restrictions straight from the start (E.g Ravagers only in Kabals). When we consider that each codex has around 5-6 options to choose from, does this convert into there being 2 of each sub-faction? I hope so….


Given that the Archon has a Ld bubble for Kabal units, I would be surprised if we got another rule that was around morale. Rather, I would expect to see something to focus in on buffing Kabalite squads. In particular, we may see a copy and paste of the Biel-Tan rule, but with splinter weapons for infantry. Re-rolling 1’s to hit with any type of splinter weapons isn’t that bad, nor is it that powerful. It could begin to be out of hand if applied to a mass of Venoms, so keeping it to infantry would be good.

Further to this, as an alternative, is doing something with the vehicles. Again, given that some of the vehicles are across different sub-factions, I am specifically talking about the Ravagers (who are solo to Kabal only). Is this what will give us the much wanted -1 to hit buff? I hope so……

<Wych Cult>

A huge issue for Wyches are that they just never make it in to combat before being minced. At least one of the traits, we hope, will address this. Given that they can already get access to re-rolling charges, and trait buffs through combat drugs, we don’t need anything around that. What would be good to see is a stratagem that allows them to jump out of raider after movement and then still assault.

Secondly, the most obvious thing with Wych Cults are the combat drugs. Now, I think they have gotten it right with them at this stage as having to roll for them previously was horrible. Instead what I would like to see is some kind of additional buff for them. If you take this <Wych Cult> you can choose any of those you want across as many different units. Your opportunity cost being whatever the 2nd cult option was around assaults.

Pick your evil. Either get minced in shooting, but have the ability to assault quickly. Or be able to equip your cults however you want but never make it into combat….


Right, well covens are in a world of trouble at the moment. Expensive units, slow movement, and very little long-range weaponry. Pretty much every Coven list will likely have a Kabal Spearhead detachment behind it to bring Ravagers along. Which I don’t mind, but those DE players who have entire Coven armies may need a solution of their own.

The first solution here is to go down the same route as Deathguard. Slow as hell, but tough. Simple one here, power from pain FNP is boosted to 5+ for coven units. Meaning 5++, then 5+++.

Second to this, an option for some type of crazy technology. Who really knows what the covens have up their sleeves, so I wouldn’t at all be surprised if one of the coven’s is the (seemingly) common -1 to hit over 12″.

That’s some of my ideas on what we might see coming. Overall, it’s going to be a great month of list building, more speculation, and obscene amounts of arguing around what might be broken. All fun and games.

– out




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