40K WarZone Painting Competition!!

As an old habit, we are going to relaunch our painting competitions in the blog. The whole team was talking about it, and we decided it was about time to start it again.

Competition rules

Topic: 1 single infantry model from any GW range.

Due date: 31st of March 2018

Prize: the satisfaction of finishing another model for your collection, the honour to get your work published in this blog, the pride of being the winner of our first painting competition, those 3 seconds of happiness that you will when between showing your wife/partner with pride the final result and her going “Hmmm, ok”, the burden of having to take care or another painted mini that you don’t want to get chipped…. and a huge thank you for collaborating and helping us grow in this wonderful community!!

Instructions: get a brush and some paints. Paint an infantry unit from any format of Games Workshop (if you have any questions, you can ask anything in the contacts). Grab your camera or phone and take a few snap shots of your dog, I mean, miniature. Send your pictures to 40kwarzone@gmail.com and we will review them. A selected group of judges plus my grandma will decide who is the winner (we are mates with some Golden Daemon winners and Commission Painters).

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