Battlefleet Gothic 2 Armada, DOW3, and why developers need to follow PUBG

If you haven’t heard yet, we recently got the news that a second instalment to the PC version of Battlefleet Gothic is on the way.

You can watch the trailer here:

Whilst this is great news to have, I am left praying that the developers have taken a page out of the current rage of games…..

……and introduce a battle royale mode.

When BFG-A was originally released, we all had an amazing time rolling around with our favourite factions, blasting torpedoes, micro-warping, and of course….ramming! I was utterly rubbish with my beloved Eldar (terrible at micro) and ended up with the Imperium. Spicerack was a disgrace with the Imperium and ended up being a top Ork player. However, only weeks after release we found ourselves giving it up. Why? We were bored.

The traditional game modes are just not cutting it these days. Look at Dawn of War 3. The small, but loyal, player pool have just received the news that development of future content has ceased.

“While Dawn of War 3 has a dedicated player base, it didn’t hit the targets we were expecting at launch, and it hasn’t performed the way we had hoped since” – RELIC

Again, we were all on DOW3, but after only a few weeks we were gone.

What has made our attention spans worse was the introduction of the compelling game genre: battle royale.

Image result for pubg news

*Warning! Red Zone has Started!*

PUBG, whilst still being laden with glitches and aimbotters, is still drawing us all back, week after week, month after month. Why? It overwhelmingly gets your blood pumping every match.

The developers of Battlefleet Gothic 2 would be mad to ignore the popularity of this mode. Imagine 10-20 players starting with a small fleet each on a star map in random locations. A slow-moving wall boxes them all in until you have no choice but to destroy one another.

Winner winner Emperors dinner!

To add more fuel to this conversation, we can look back at the article on DOW3. In the press release, they report that Warhammer: Total War 2 is still pulling over 18,000 concurrent players. Obviously this is helped by the release of Tomb Kings, but that is still an incredible figure. I still play the game at least weekly. Others here do too. So what is making it work?

a) A lot of factions to cater to fanboys? Yes

b) Solid single AND multiplayer? Yes

c) Multiple game-modes to choose from? Yes

Battlefleet Gothic has multiple factions, and has recently just said there will be extensive single-player campaigns. Now all the is required to make the golden trifecta is multiple game modes.

Come on Focus Home, don’t repeat the mistakes of the past!

– out

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