Getting back into 9th Edition

It’s been almost 2 years since we last posted in the blog, and what a crazy 2 years it has been…Some of us had kids, others changed jobs, some (like me) both! And the last few months haven’t helped at all but, now with a fresh new edition, 3 Colours and I thought it could be a good time to retake the blog and post about our experiences as hobbyist and gamers.

CoVid-19 has created lots of challenges in our world and society, and also in our favorite hobby. Stores closing, low stocks if any of tools, paints and models, social clubs closing their doors… but even on these dire days, we can still find ways to play.

An example of this, could be 3 Colours and me. We both live at over 10.000 km apart, but we managed to take Social Distancing to the next level and play a game of Warhammer 40k over video conference. With a little bit of patience, a tripod and lots of laughs we were able to play a 500 point game of Necrons vs Orks. Sure, it has its handicaps and it relies a little bit on proxies and good faith, but if you just wanna have fun with your mates and you are not ultra competitive, you can make it work like almost the real deal. Others like TommyH, Crazy and the others have been playing on Tabletop Simulator and testing all sorts of games.

With that said, we are currently preparing our next game. We are going to start a Crusade with the new rules, something that we are both very excited about. In my opinion, the prospect of unit and character development through games is spot on. It will give your games that extra narrative and sense of accomplishment that the game needed. You can create your own Ragnar Blackmane or Eldrad, or whatever character you want to play. With that said, we have set up a 25 Power first game, to test and try, and we will play Necrons versus Space Wolves.

On the Necrons side, 3 Colours is going to run: Cryptek, 5 immortals, 5 deathmarks, 3 destroyers and 3 tomb blades.

On the Space Wolves side I will be running: Captain, 5 Intercessors, 5 Assault Intercessors, 3 Eliminators and 1 Invictor Tactical Suit.

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