Warhammer 40K: the App

The new Warhammer 40k app has finally been released for both Android and iOS devices and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and review it.

First things first, according to GW official post:

  • Unit stats and errors have been fixed
  • Indomitus units have been added
  • They included some Advanced rules
  • They made easier to subscribe and unsubscribe.

On the 3rd of August they will include a search option for both subscribe and free version where you will be able to search for core rules and FAQs within the app.

On the 10th of August they will include Power levels on all the data sheets.

To be announced, they will include as well the following features:

  • Battle forge option that will let you build your armies
  • In October, date to be announced, Space Marines and Necrons codex will be unlocked.
  • Features to help you play your games (????) Maybe score trackers, Primary and secondary objective trackers….who knows.
  • Track your Crusade Armies and units.

Now these are very interesting features and I can’t wait to see the app at full function, but is it worth getting it? Well, that depends on your needs, but we will give you a full review so you can make up your mind.

At the moment, there seems to be a bug where if you restart your app it doesn’t let you sign in with your subscription again. We are working on a full review including a video on how to use the app, but until GW fixes this bug we won’t be able to finish it up.

Stay tuned for our incoming full review!

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