Unit review: Judiciar

All the Indomitus models are out and people started testing them on the tabletop. Among them, one that catches everyone’s eyes is the Judiciar. Really nice model with that Executioner look, with an ugly head in my opinion, but easily replaced for anything of your liking. In my case, I used one of the Primaris Captain heads, the one with the full helmet, giving him a Knight look.

But how good or bad is a Judiciar in game? Well, like every other unit, it’s got pros and cons, and we are going to analyze them here.


  • Unit cost is 4 power or 85 points. Not too expensive for a support character.
  • Ranged weapon, Pistol with S5, AP-1, D2 can be great as you can use it even when engaged in combat. D2 for a pistol is always great.
  • Melee weapon make your attacks S7,AP-3, D2 with wound rolls of 6 causing an additional mortal wound. Not incredibly OP but definitely solid stats.
  • 4++ Invulnerable Save only against melee weapons.
  • Tempormortis. This is what can make the Judiciar worth taking. This rule states that at the beginning of EACH fight phase you can select an enemy unit within 6″ and that unit won’t be able to fight until all other eligible units have done so that phase. This is why I called him a Support Character before. Combined with Space Wolves for example, being able to Heroic Intervene 6″, can change the course of an enemy charge, making that Archon or Ork Warboss fight last instead of first, wrecking your unit. You can run them with some Aggressors, for example, making your enemy think twice whether to charge them or not as they would strike first. This ability is hugely situational and would be almost useless against armies like Astra Militarum or Tau, but is definitely an interesting rule that saves you using your Interrupt stratagem now that those CP are so important.


  • No permanent or semi permanent buffs like litanies from a Chaplain, for example, or Captain/Lieutenant buffs.
  • Invulnerable save only in melee.
  • Slow on foot. Will be interesting if we get the chance to give him a jump pack or a bike. At least he can use Impulsors…
  • An extra attack would’ve made him more competitive.

Overall, I think that the Judiciar is an interesting addition to the Primaris family, specially for melee oriented armies like Blood Angels or Space Wolves. HQ and Characters will think twice before charging you when there’s a Judiciar around, and that can give you a mental advantage on your opponent if played properly.

Please let us know in the comments your thoughts and strategies for your armies. How would you use the Judiciar in your army? Is it worth it? Are you planning on including one in your Crusade games? What head did you use in the model? Let us know in the comments or Facebook page 😉

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