I’ve bought Indomitus…now what? (Space Marines part)

There’s a lot of people that recently bought the Indomitus box and all the hype was definitely worth it. A bunch of great models that can get you started in no time to have some games…but many people might be wondering what to get next to complement their new army.

In this article we are going to talk about some options to expand your army, but first things first… what chapter are you going to be playing? For new players they might think that it doesn’t matter, but depending what chapter you play, you might want to focus on certain game styles rather than others. We will offer some units that are good for all the chapters, and then a few for certain chapters that are more focused on your army.

Space Marines (any chapter)

Getting a Librarian to complement your army is a great idea. No matter which one, having that extra support in the battlefield is always a good help as long as you don’t blow your own brains out. Most of the newer Primaris Librarians look amazing, but that one above in Phobos armor is just badass.


Hellblasters are a great addition to your army. Pair them up with some re rolls to hit and they become quite scary. What is great is that you can get some in a budget from the Dark Imperium Box, as there’s heaps of them for sale in Facebook, Ebay or resellers. Thought the separate box from GW is easier to customize.


If you started your army with the Indomitus box, all your units are Primaris, so the only available transport at the moment is the Impulsor. But fear not, as it will give you a nice vehicle with a bit of shooting power, mobility and protection for your units to engage or get on your enemies’ face to deliver your melee units.

Invictor Tactical Suit

Personally, I bought one the same day that I got my Indomitus box. This guy is just a beast. Relatively cheap in points and power and it can definitely pack a punch. Not a unit to be underestimated in any game, and now in 9th, this kind of vehicles Dreadnought style are going to shine.

Troop choice: Intercessors, Infiltrators or Incursors

Depending who you ask, they will tell you one or another. All of them are all round good choices and it all depends on what do you want them for. Troop choices are always needed to complete detachments so you can’t go wrong with them. You can also get all of them quite cheap from the different boxes around.

Now there are other units that are a MUST have, like a Repulsor, but that’s something that you can get after you already have the foundations of your army. Eliminators, Apothecary, Redemptor Dreadnought…all solid and good choices to give variety to your games.

If you are running Blood Angels, a Furioso Dreadnought, Librarian Dreadnought or Mephiston.

For Dark Angels you might want Sammael,, some Deathwing Terminators and less heresy 😛

For Space Wolves you might want to include Ragnar, Bjorn (or any Dreadnought) and Wulfen (they’re just cool models).

These are all personal opinions, at the end of the day you should get whatever you like better or adjust to your play style.

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