Tons of changes coming to 40K

Friday morning did not disappoint. Surprise post from GW with lots of incoming changes that were being rumored and others that no one could’ve guessed. Let’s list them for a quick view:

  • More Crusade rules specific per Faction.
  • Datasheets and rules review
  • Heavy Bolters become Damage 2
  • Flamers and Heavy flamers will have range 12″
  • Multi Meltas will be Heavy 2, and their damage will be 2+d6 at short range!
  • Power Swords will give +1 Strength
  • Astartes chainswords will get AP-1(I’m assuming they meant Chainswords in general…)
  • Supercharged Plasma weapons will only explode on unmodified rolls of 1
  • “Vanilla” Space Marines and Chaos equivalents will have 2 W each.
  • Terminators will have 3 W each.
  • Deathmarks will change their weapon to:
  • Triarch Praetorians will do 2 Damage in both ranged and melee.

What do you guys think about these changes? Remember this is not even half of the picture so don’t be too harsh on the analysis until we see what everyone is getting. Personally, I think it’s a good step making them more lore accurate. But we shall see…

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