Battle for Crematoria – Battle Report #5: Space Wolves vs. Orks – 31 Power

Fizznoggin Madeye is attempting to ‘Jump’ a Stompa to the region to take care of ‘doze pesky Wolf oomies’. Folki has caught wind of this and is leading a small force to prevent the Weirdboy from succeeding…

For this battle, we played ‘The Ritual’ with the twist meaning no charges could be declared greater than 7″. We rolled-off and the Orks were the defenders trying to perform ‘Da Massive Jump Ritual’. My aim was for my Weirdboy to perform the psychic ritual action whilst being protected by a wall of Boyz – in fact this was my only option since Loudgob’s scar prevented him from performing actions. Ruby on the other hand just needed to take-out the Weirdboy to effectively win the game.

This game was played with the old Ork codex hence (spoiler alert) the Boyz being cut-down relatively easily. We also played it a really long time ago, but you’re used to that now…


The Space Wolves deployment involved hiding in the buildings on the East side of the map, trying not to be seen. The Intercessors started in the South East building while Floki and the Thunderwolves started in the North East building. The Invictor Tactical Warsuit and Aggressors started in between the two buildings with good line-of-side down the board.

The Aggressors ready their Boltstorm Gauntlets to mow through some greenskins.

The Orks started with the Boyz, Stormboyz and Gretchin in the middle of the board around the ritual site, with Fizznoggin and the Scrapjet slightly to the North in cover. The Deffkoptas started behind the ramparts in the South East ready to pop-up and take some pot-shots at anything in range.

A big blob of Orks surrounding the surprisingly Necron-looking ritual site.

Space Wolves Turn 1

In Ruby’s turn, everything moved forwards. In the North East, the Thunderwolf Cavalry advanced towards the Boyz aiming to make a 7″ charge (I should have deployed the Boyz further back), while Floki moved into the ruins. In the South East, the Intercessors advanced around the building still holding onto the objective in that corner. The Aggressors and Bjorn moved forwards ready to fire.

The ‘Intercessors’ moving forwards to secure the objectives.

In the Psychic phase, Floki tried his usual tricks but only managed to kill a single Boy due to some terrible rolls.

Ruby shot everything except Bjorn into the Stormboyz, and even being protected by the Grots Shield, the Gretchin and all but two of the Stormboyz were killed. Bjorn meanwhile shot at the Deffkoptas in cover but failed to damage them.

In the Charge phase, Ruby managed to reach the Boyz with the Thunderwolf Cavalry and killed 9 of them. The Boyz managed to kill one in return.

The ‘Thunderwolf Cavalry’ reach the Boyz and cut them down… sadly

Orks Turn 1

The Deffkoptas and Scrapjet moved out of cover to get within range of Bjorn. The Stormboyz moved into charge range of the Thunderwolf Cavalry while Endless Tide returned the Boyz to the middle of the battlefield. In the Psychic phase, Fizznoggin attempted to perform the Ritual action but was denied by Floki – I did not think this through.

The Deffkoptas finally manage to take-out Bjorn for the first time in the campaign.

Both the Deffkoptas and Scrapjet shot everything at Bjorn and managed to kill him (for the first time in our Crusade campaign!). The Boyz shot at the Thunderwolf Cavalry causing a single wound. Finally, the Stormboyz charged into the Thunderwolf Cavalry managing to kill one, but being wiped-out in response.

Space Wolves Turn 2

Ruby, with some careful measuring, moved the remaining Thunderwolf sergeant into charge range of Fizznoggin (did I say I hadn’t thought this through) while Floki and the Intercessors moved onto objectives.

In the Psychic phase, Floki returned to his usual form and killed 15 of the newly returned Boyz with a bunch of insane rolls for mortal wounds – on the plus side, Floki then suffered a Perils and lost three wounds. One Deffkopta was also downed by some lucky Intercessor shooting while the Aggressors killed the remaining Boyz.

Floki manages to wipe-out half of the Boyz using mind bullets.

The Thunderwolf Sergeant charged into Fizznoggin and scored 4 wounds for a total of 12 damage. I needed some luck, and that arrived when I rolled 3 6s! Fizznoggin was still alive on 1 wound. Sadly, I forgot about the wolf, and that finished off the poor psycher effectively finishing the game. To make matters worse, the Thunderwolf Sergeant consolidated into the Scrapjet which managed to cause 2 damage in return but was now stuck in combat.

Poor, poor Fizznoggin…

Orks Turn 2

I left the Scrapjet in combat while moving the Deffkoptas forwards to try to push the Intercessors off the objectives. The Deffkoptas then shot into the Aggressors and killed one. The Scrapjet shot into the Thunderwolf Sergeant at point-blank range and completely failed to damage him.

The Scrapjet failed to harm the ‘Thunderwolf Sergeant’ – possibly because he was looking the wrong way.

In a last-ditch attempt to stop Ruby from scoring, I charged the Deffkoptas into the Intercessors, completely forgetting that Ruby had given the Sergeant a Thunderhammer. The Intercessors survived the spinning blades and wiped-out the Deffkoptas in return.

Things were looking pretty dire. But with a little bit of luck, the Scrapjet finally managed to kill the Thunderwolf Sergeant and consolidated towards the Aggressors (another mistake).

Space Wolves Turn 3

This was a quick turn but an interesting one. Ruby wanted Floki to take-out the Scrapjet so unleashed with psychic powers… and Floki suffered another Perils, being sucked horribly into the warp forever more (until the next game). Finally Floki was dead! – a small moral victory even if I wasn’t the one doing the killing. Instead, the Aggressors charged into the Scrapjet and destroyed it – Ruby had won a major Space Wolves victory.

The Scrapjet’s last action.


So what happened? Well I did lots of things wrong so I’ll focus on my top 3. First-up having a lot of my units forward really helped Ruby’s shooting, psychic powers and Thunderwolf charges, even with the twist. I should have kept them back protecting Fizznoggin (and my only means of scoring points) and let Ruby come to me. Secondly, bringing the Boyz back with ‘Endless Green Tide’ right into the middle of the battlefield was asking for them to be killed again – Ruby obliged. I could have brought them back closer to Fizznoggin to keep him alive (and keep them more out of harm’s way). Finally, DeffKoptas shouldn’t charge into a unit with a Thunderhammer – that’s just common sense!

The victors!

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