Space Wolves Vs Orks. Battle report

Our first Crusade game promised to be very interesting. 10 Space Wolves vs 30 Orks sound like very bad odds against me, but I was dying to play my first game with the Space Wolves and a bunch of green skins were not going to ruin that.

The mission was Sweep and clear, from the Crusade missions. Players score points at the end of their command phases. 10 for one Objective, 10 for more objectives than your opponent and 10 for your opponent’s deployment objective to a maximum of 30 points per turn. Once an objective is held, you don’t have to sit holding it as it remains controlled unless the enemy takes it. Nice and simple.

The special rule for this scenario was Unnatural darkness, which made any shooting or targeting had to be within 18” or less.

The armies

Space Wolves

– Floki Ravenskull – Rune Priest in Phobos armour – Warlord Trait “Warrior Born” – Relic “Runic weapon” – Psykic powers “Living lightning” and “Jaws of the World Wolf”

– Odin’s Sons – 5 Assault Intercessors – Sergeant with Plasma Pistol

– Freya’s Bane – 3 Inceptors – Assault Bolters

– Bjorn Hellshammer – 1 Invictor Suit – lots of stuff plus a glorious Invictor fist


– Warboss – Relic Power Claw without penalty and lots of damage- Warlord Trait that give him T6

– 20 Boyz with shootas with a Nob

– 3 Bikes with a Nob

– 5 Kommandoz with a Nob

– 1 Deff Dread with lots of nasty stuff


The Space Wolves army was the defender and decided to go second, with Orks going first. This was a meditated decision as I didn’t want to get in the Orks face too soon letting them charge me early game. I needed that extra space and turns, specially considering that I could barely thin out his big numbers with shooting from afar.

Both armies put a unit in reserves, Kommandoz and Inceptors.

Other than that, the rest of the army was deployed. Orks aggressively out in the open spread accross their deployment zone, while Rune Priest and Intercessors were hiding in a building in a corner, and the Invictor suit in the opposite corner or the deployment, facing the Bikes and diagonally opposite from the Deff Dread, good deployment move from the Orks if you ask me.

Turn 1

So the Orks started turn one advancing and trying to reduce as much distance as they could hoping for a turn 2 charge in the Space Wolves. The lack of targets in line of sight made hard for barely any action, other than the bikes shooting at the Invictor suit, managing to inflict just one wound. At this point, the Orks were holding just one objective, but close to hold 3.

In the Space Wolves turn only one unit moved and did something: the Invictor. He moved just 2 inches to be in range of all the bikes that were dangerously facing him or a next turn charge. He unleashed all it’s shooting on them managing to kill them all with some lucky shots and the last shooting literally killing the Mob. Turn 2 was going to be crucial for both armies.

Turn 2

The Orks kept moving forward, this time without advancing to be able to shoot, but holding 3 objectives and the whole middle table. The Kommandoz came 9” away from the Invictor Suit.

Their shooting unleashed hell on the Invictor suit, but with no luck on wounding it. The Deff Dread shoot at the assault intercessors but they managed to save all wounds.

In the charge phase, the Kommandoz pulled out a charge in the Invictor suit. In the fight phase they manage to wound it twice with a few lucky saves in the Invictor. In retaliation, he managed to wipe they whole Kommandoz squad after a command re roll in the 5th wound. 5 attacks and 5 kills was some lucky rolling that could prove decisive in the coming rounds, as it was leaving the suit out of combat and able to shoot.

The Space Wolves turn was nothing but devastating. Floki and the Intercessors moved out of the building to face the incoming Boyz and Deff dread, putting Floki within 18” range of the Boyz. Bjorn moved towards the Boyz and Deff Dread looking for a glorious combat. At the end of the movement phase the Inceptors dropped from the sky in the back line of the Orks, taking away their objective and leaving them with the Warboss exposed to their shooting.

The psykic phase proved to be CRAZY. Floki unleashed his Living lightning in the Boyz causing 3 mortal wounds on them, and 2 in the Warboss. After that, he casted Jaws of the World Wolf with a 10, rolling a dice for each model in the unit and causing a mortal wound on each 5+. 7 out of 17 bite the dust… 12 mortal wounds out of 2 spells was insane.

The shooting from the Invictor on the other hand was quite uneventful managing to only kill 1 or 2 Boyz and not wounding the Deff Dread at all. But the Inceptors, dropping right behind the enemy line, dropped their 18 shots in the Warboss, managing to kill him with some very lucky rolling, and unlucky saving rolls from 3 Colours.

In the charging phase, the Invictor pulled a YOLO and charged the Boyz, managing to kill another 3 and getting wounded enough to bring him down to 7 wounds. But I had the Boyz locked…

Turn 3

The Orks took a devastating blow in the face, but that Deff Dread was still running around loose, and the Score was 40 to 10 in favour of the Orks. The next tactical decisions would prove crucial.

In the Orks movement phase the Deff Dread moved towards the Invictor Suit to be able to charge him. The Boyz were still locked in combat, so no further movement.

In the shooting phase, the Deff Dread shoot at Floki, managing to wound him once. In the charging phase, the game changing event happened. The Deff Dread successfully charged the Invictor Suit. 4 attacks. Hitting on 3s. Wounding on 3s. 1 re roll from his Detachment, 1 command re roll. 0 wounds. The Invictor hit back and destroyed him inflicting 12 wounds. The Boyz hit and brought him down to 4 wounds. Only the Boyz were left.

The Space Wolves hadn’t lost a single model and had this in the bag. After some psykic powers and a charge, Floki killed all the remaining Boyz in combat by himself. The Space Wolves took the victory home putting the final score 90 to 40 in their favour.

After match

Some incredible lucky rolls at the most crucial moments made the Space Wolves take a major victory over their opponent, and it was time to spread the Marks for Greatness in each army, and see if there were any battle scars. The Space Wolves would select 2 units to mark for greatness, since that was the victory reward.

Luckily for 3 Colours, he didn’t roll a single 1, so his army was just a little bit bruised but no permanent damage, other than their ego and pride. In the Mark for Greatness, he decided to give those 3 experience points to the Boyz squad, as, in his words, they were the only ones that did something in the whole game!

The Space Wolves on the other hand had no Battle scars rolls.

Bjorn Hellshammer fullfilled the agenda by killing the Deff Dread in close combat, scoring 3 experience points. Having killed 3 units himself and scoring an extra experience point from the game would brought him already to 5 Experience, and make him Bloodied with a Battle honour, but not giving him also Mark for Greatness after the numbers he pulled in the game was crazy! The second option was a tough decision between the Inceptors and Floki. The first ones slain the Warboss, but Floki defeated almost a whole squad of 20 Boyz by himself… in the end I went with the Inceptors, since they also captured the enemies objective and did exactly what I had planned for them.

Our next game will be the “other” 25 points in our army, with a narrative as well designed around these units.

Talking about narratives, I will be posting the whole story of this first chapter of the Crusade soon, so stay tuned!!

Tons of changes coming to 40K

Friday morning did not disappoint. Surprise post from GW with lots of incoming changes that were being rumored and others that no one could’ve guessed. Let’s list them for a quick view:

  • More Crusade rules specific per Faction.
  • Datasheets and rules review
  • Heavy Bolters become Damage 2
  • Flamers and Heavy flamers will have range 12″
  • Multi Meltas will be Heavy 2, and their damage will be 2+d6 at short range!
  • Power Swords will give +1 Strength
  • Astartes chainswords will get AP-1(I’m assuming they meant Chainswords in general…)
  • Supercharged Plasma weapons will only explode on unmodified rolls of 1
  • “Vanilla” Space Marines and Chaos equivalents will have 2 W each.
  • Terminators will have 3 W each.
  • Deathmarks will change their weapon to:
  • Triarch Praetorians will do 2 Damage in both ranged and melee.

What do you guys think about these changes? Remember this is not even half of the picture so don’t be too harsh on the analysis until we see what everyone is getting. Personally, I think it’s a good step making them more lore accurate. But we shall see…

Mortal Realms coming to Australia

Yeah. Finally we are getting Mortal Realms down under. And I love it! When I got into the world of miniature painting and gaming, was back in 1998 or so, when I was 14 and I traveled for the first time to UK. I was in Wales when I saw for the first time a Games Workshop shop. I remember being amazed with all the figures and I convinced my roommate to go halves on the starter box of Warhammer Fantasy, me taking the Orks and him taking the High Elves. Oh memories…

After playing for a few years I gave up the hobby for a while and it wasn’t until I came to live in Australia that I took the hobby again, but this time with 40k instead. But a part of me always wanted to go back to the origins and play some “Fantasy” aka Age of Sigmar. That’s why when I saw the article about Mortal Realms I didn’t think about it twice and subscribed straight away 🙂

Now, what is Mortal Realms?

It’s a subscription to collect 2 different armies from Age of Sigmar, with books, paints, terrain, etc…If you subscribe you get 4 issues per month for AUS$20 each except the first and second issue that are AUS$5.99 and $13.99.

If you want to check what the first issue has for just AUS$5.99 here it is:

I mean, even if you don’t play it, for $5.99 is totally worth it, and you can get a copy in your Newsagent or local GW shop.

Issues 1-4 include the below:

And if you wanna see what the whole collection is:

I’m quite excited about this whole project and even if I don’t like it or I can’t afford it, I can end my subscription at any time.

If you want more information about it, you can check it here.

Core Rules and FAQ on W40K App

Looks like the first round of updates is coming through for both Android and iOS with some bug fixes and a new interface and search capability for the Core Rules and FAQ.

This was a change that the community kept asking for since the app was released, and a move from GW towards improving their app to great standards, where unfortunately, it’s not at the moment. That said, this first few changes are looking promising and they are showing the great potential that the app could have.

The way you can navigate through the rules right now is so much more dynamic and easy. You have a table of contents for quick access, or a search button. I found that with the Table of contents you can access your desired information within seconds. These are some examples of how it is now:

As you can see, the navigation is much simpler and you can jump between sections very fast without having to go back and forth. I’ve been testing this in an older model (iPhone 8) and I haven’t had any performance issues at all. The app runs fast and smooth and it doesn’t seem to use data anymore.

The only thing I couldn’t find in the Core Rules section, but I could be wrong, was Detachments. That’s a very important part of the rules for army creation, and it helps to have quick access to them. Please let me know if you found them somewhere!

Other than that, I think it was a great improvement and definitely a step forward towards reaching the app’s full potential. Power levels should be included soon and I can’t wait for the Battle Forge option. I will keep you updated with whatever changes they bring 😉

Please let us know what you think and like us on Facebook if you wanna follow our updates and articles.

I’ve bought Indomitus…now what? (Space Marines part)

There’s a lot of people that recently bought the Indomitus box and all the hype was definitely worth it. A bunch of great models that can get you started in no time to have some games…but many people might be wondering what to get next to complement their new army.

In this article we are going to talk about some options to expand your army, but first things first… what chapter are you going to be playing? For new players they might think that it doesn’t matter, but depending what chapter you play, you might want to focus on certain game styles rather than others. We will offer some units that are good for all the chapters, and then a few for certain chapters that are more focused on your army.

Space Marines (any chapter)

Getting a Librarian to complement your army is a great idea. No matter which one, having that extra support in the battlefield is always a good help as long as you don’t blow your own brains out. Most of the newer Primaris Librarians look amazing, but that one above in Phobos armor is just badass.


Hellblasters are a great addition to your army. Pair them up with some re rolls to hit and they become quite scary. What is great is that you can get some in a budget from the Dark Imperium Box, as there’s heaps of them for sale in Facebook, Ebay or resellers. Thought the separate box from GW is easier to customize.


If you started your army with the Indomitus box, all your units are Primaris, so the only available transport at the moment is the Impulsor. But fear not, as it will give you a nice vehicle with a bit of shooting power, mobility and protection for your units to engage or get on your enemies’ face to deliver your melee units.

Invictor Tactical Suit

Personally, I bought one the same day that I got my Indomitus box. This guy is just a beast. Relatively cheap in points and power and it can definitely pack a punch. Not a unit to be underestimated in any game, and now in 9th, this kind of vehicles Dreadnought style are going to shine.

Troop choice: Intercessors, Infiltrators or Incursors

Depending who you ask, they will tell you one or another. All of them are all round good choices and it all depends on what do you want them for. Troop choices are always needed to complete detachments so you can’t go wrong with them. You can also get all of them quite cheap from the different boxes around.

Now there are other units that are a MUST have, like a Repulsor, but that’s something that you can get after you already have the foundations of your army. Eliminators, Apothecary, Redemptor Dreadnought…all solid and good choices to give variety to your games.

If you are running Blood Angels, a Furioso Dreadnought, Librarian Dreadnought or Mephiston.

For Dark Angels you might want Sammael,, some Deathwing Terminators and less heresy 😛

For Space Wolves you might want to include Ragnar, Bjorn (or any Dreadnought) and Wulfen (they’re just cool models).

These are all personal opinions, at the end of the day you should get whatever you like better or adjust to your play style.

Warhammer 40k App Review

The new Warhammer 40k app is finally available for iOS and Android, and here at 40k War Zone we wanted to review the app and help you decide whether you should get it or not.


In my opinion, this could be the downfall of this app and service. Considering that you will still have to pay for future Codexes to unlock them within the app and that the Core rules are available digitally for free anyway, paying AUS$7 is quite abusive, specially considering the current world situation where lots of people is struggling economy wise. I believe if they halve the subscription they would have way more people using it, specially once they release the announced features.


The app is beautifully presented with painted models, data sheets, special rules and everything you need to know about your units including weapons, keywords, etc. The app currently has 3 tabs: Reference, Battle forge and Core Rules. Reference is mainly the only functional one, that brings you to a screen with all the different Codex, Chapter Approve, Psyckic Awakenings and all the other books including Forge World. Battle Forge is not functional yet, and Core rules just brings you to a PDF version of the core rules.

The search button on top gives you quick access to whatever you are looking for, but at the moment, it’s very specific and unless you know the exact names, it can be hard to find.


Now that they fixed the initial bugs, the app seems to be stable and functional. I haven’t have any problems with the app stop functioning, and the navigating is very quick.

The fact that the Core rules is just a redirection to a PDF is a huge issue that I hope they address and fix in the future.

On the other hand, Datasheets have a great interface, but they are a mess. All of them should be separated and organized by Faction instead of by books. It’s incredibly annoying having to jump between books to find rules or units. They should all consolidate them in the same section.

What we like:

  • Interface and design is great.
  • Easy to navigate
  • The app has a lot of potential for improvement and I can’t wait to see it.

What we didn’t like:

  • At the moment, subscription is not worth the money
  • Consolidate Datasheets and organize them by Armies
  • Search functionality needs improvement
  • Optimize Core Rules to link to datasheets and search functionality
  • Needs an option to manage your account and subscription
  • Not available for iPad


It’s got potential but needs improvements – 4/10 The Warhammer 40k App is a beautifully presented app with lots of potential in the future, but as it is right now, it’s not worth the subscription. That said, once they bring Battle Forge and the rest of the promised updates and functionalities, it will be a great app to have.

Unit review: Judiciar

All the Indomitus models are out and people started testing them on the tabletop. Among them, one that catches everyone’s eyes is the Judiciar. Really nice model with that Executioner look, with an ugly head in my opinion, but easily replaced for anything of your liking. In my case, I used one of the Primaris Captain heads, the one with the full helmet, giving him a Knight look.

But how good or bad is a Judiciar in game? Well, like every other unit, it’s got pros and cons, and we are going to analyze them here.


  • Unit cost is 4 power or 85 points. Not too expensive for a support character.
  • Ranged weapon, Pistol with S5, AP-1, D2 can be great as you can use it even when engaged in combat. D2 for a pistol is always great.
  • Melee weapon make your attacks S7,AP-3, D2 with wound rolls of 6 causing an additional mortal wound. Not incredibly OP but definitely solid stats.
  • 4++ Invulnerable Save only against melee weapons.
  • Tempormortis. This is what can make the Judiciar worth taking. This rule states that at the beginning of EACH fight phase you can select an enemy unit within 6″ and that unit won’t be able to fight until all other eligible units have done so that phase. This is why I called him a Support Character before. Combined with Space Wolves for example, being able to Heroic Intervene 6″, can change the course of an enemy charge, making that Archon or Ork Warboss fight last instead of first, wrecking your unit. You can run them with some Aggressors, for example, making your enemy think twice whether to charge them or not as they would strike first. This ability is hugely situational and would be almost useless against armies like Astra Militarum or Tau, but is definitely an interesting rule that saves you using your Interrupt stratagem now that those CP are so important.


  • No permanent or semi permanent buffs like litanies from a Chaplain, for example, or Captain/Lieutenant buffs.
  • Invulnerable save only in melee.
  • Slow on foot. Will be interesting if we get the chance to give him a jump pack or a bike. At least he can use Impulsors…
  • An extra attack would’ve made him more competitive.

Overall, I think that the Judiciar is an interesting addition to the Primaris family, specially for melee oriented armies like Blood Angels or Space Wolves. HQ and Characters will think twice before charging you when there’s a Judiciar around, and that can give you a mental advantage on your opponent if played properly.

Please let us know in the comments your thoughts and strategies for your armies. How would you use the Judiciar in your army? Is it worth it? Are you planning on including one in your Crusade games? What head did you use in the model? Let us know in the comments or Facebook page 😉

New to W40K? No problem!

A lot of people has been taking on the hobby lately pushing GW sales to the roof during Covid, including lots of returning players, but getting into W40K can be quite overwhelming since there are so many parts to tackle the hobby from. Here at 40K we have some experience on that and we would like to offer some advice to all that people starting or returning to the hobby and what to focus on.

First of all, you have to be honest to yourself and decide, what part of the hobby are you most attracted to? Is it painting? Is it gaming? Is it the lore and narrative? Whatever it is, is where you should start, even if there’s more than one thing that you like.

Once you have decided what part will you start from, you need to pick an Army to start with. You can make your decision in aesthetics, lore or play style, the first 2 being 100% subjective. Depending on the play style, you could go, for example with:

  • Shooty/ Ranged focus: Tau, Astra Millitarum, Necrons…
  • Hordes: Orks, Tyranids…
  • Close combat/melee: Blood Angels, Space Wolves…
  • Movement/flexible: Drukhari, Ynnari…(anything with pointy ears)
  • All round armies: Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines, Adepta Sororitas…
  • Psyckic/ Magic crap: Thousand Sons, Chaos Daemons, Craftworlds…
  • “Elite” armies: Adeptus Custodes, Imperial Knights…

Once decided what YOU want, is time to move to the next stage of the hobby.

Start collecting

Depending on your budget, you could go with a troops box, a “Start collecting” box or an starter box like Indomitus. Games Workshop released a few boxes that we review here.

In my opinion, the best choice is either a Star collecting box, if you are mainly interested in painting, or a Starter box with Rules if you will be interested in gaming as it gives you everything to start playing straight away. Although, keep in mind that the Core rules are currently available digitally for free.


Painting can be a huge part of the hobby, but challenging and scary if you haven’t done it before. Like everything, it takes practice and hours to get better at it, and even though it can be intimidating and discouraging at first, it’s also one of the most rewarding when you finish your models.

If you are not interested in painting your models, all you will need is:

Keep in mind you can get those tools anywhere and the links are just examples. With just those 2 things you will be able to assemble your army and get your models ready to fight.

If you wanna go an extra mile and you would like to paint your models to a Battle Ready standard, you will need:

  • A scalpel or a mouldline remover
  • Spray-can to undercoat your models(black or white usually do the trick)
  • Brushes, a small and medium will do for starters
  • Some contrast paints or base and layer colours. You can get away with 5-10 paints and get good results. Even one technical paint for the base to go the extra mile.

With just those few things you will be ready to go. Think that at first it can be a pricey investment, but most of those things will last for a while, so you are building the foundations of your hobby.

I hope you guys found this helpful either for you or any mate that is thinking about jumping in the hobby. Feel welcome to reach out for advice if you want on Facebook or contacting us 😉

Warhammer 40K: the App

The new Warhammer 40k app has finally been released for both Android and iOS devices and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and review it.

First things first, according to GW official post:

  • Unit stats and errors have been fixed
  • Indomitus units have been added
  • They included some Advanced rules
  • They made easier to subscribe and unsubscribe.

On the 3rd of August they will include a search option for both subscribe and free version where you will be able to search for core rules and FAQs within the app.

On the 10th of August they will include Power levels on all the data sheets.

To be announced, they will include as well the following features:

  • Battle forge option that will let you build your armies
  • In October, date to be announced, Space Marines and Necrons codex will be unlocked.
  • Features to help you play your games (????) Maybe score trackers, Primary and secondary objective trackers….who knows.
  • Track your Crusade Armies and units.

Now these are very interesting features and I can’t wait to see the app at full function, but is it worth getting it? Well, that depends on your needs, but we will give you a full review so you can make up your mind.

At the moment, there seems to be a bug where if you restart your app it doesn’t let you sign in with your subscription again. We are working on a full review including a video on how to use the app, but until GW fixes this bug we won’t be able to finish it up.

Stay tuned for our incoming full review!

New 40K starter sets!

Indomitus “Made to order” deal finished on the 28th of July, so if you were one of the unlucky people that could not order one it time, fear not. Games Workshop announced 3 new starter sets for new and experienced players called Recruit Edition, Elite Edition and Commander Edition.

As you can see in the pictures below, each edition comes with more things than the previous one, but mainly what you can get is both HQs, 5 Assault Intercessors, 5 Outriders, 3 Destroyers, 10 Warriors and 3 Scarabs. Command edition comes with the Core book as well and some really nice scenery to start building your own gaming board.

You can check the official post from GW community for further info here.

Let us know your thoughts and whether you are thinking about getting any of these new boxes.